Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The beginning.

My name is Dan Smith. I run Lucid Realm Design, a design and marketing firm that specializes in small businesses. I work a lot with real estate agents and brokers on marketing plans and brand identity.

You are seeing this post thanks to a revalation I had today. I was sitting with one of my clients (a real estate agent with 10 years in the field) talking about her past and her future. She mentioned some of her hard times and wasted dollars and how they almost caused her to quit the job. She loves her job. She loves the ability to help others. She was almost forced to quit something she truly loved because of one marketing mistake. The only thing that saved her was a last minute idea she had on how to better market herself as an agent. Marketing is my passion. If I can help others do what they love to do, I am happy. If I can provide someone like the agent I was just describing the ability to market themselves in a way that they can live a successful life and be happy, I want to do so.

So, I decided to start this blog. My goal is to gather all of the best advice that I can find in one place. I want to help people find that one idea (or several) that will bring them success.


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