Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Is video marketing for you?

Google has announced that it will now support video on its Adwords network. For those of you who aren't familiar with Adwords, it is the advertising system that allows you to purchase ads on Google searches and a vast network of relevance-targeted websites. So what does video Adwords mean for you? Video can be the most affective weapon in branding. Branding is all about controlling how potential customers feel about you. You want people to feel like they know you, that they are your friend, even if they have never met you. Video is about the closest thing you can do to actually sitting down and talking to someone in person. So why Google? Google specializes in putting your advertisements in front of people that are actually interested in your service. They also provide you with the tools to track what is working and what's not, and producing video for web can be much cheaper than for other sources.

Imagine this:
Someone is looking to sell a home. They have decided to sell the house themselves. They think realtors are all scam artists. They go to a website about how to sell a house. Suddenly, they are looking at a very interesting video about you. You talk about how you walk them through the process of dealing with home inspectors, title brokers, real estate lawyers and get them more money out of their property. They say to themselves "What's a title broker? Hey, this agent doesn't seem like a crook. I could do business with them." They are sold. When they call you, don't have to spend days or weeks courting the prospect. They already know you, like you, trust you.

Sure, this is the best case scenario. Sure, this will not always be the case, but it may work sometimes. Is video advertising worth a shot? My vote is yes.


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