Thursday, May 25, 2006

Sale or hello?

You have decided to hire an assistant to help increase your business. They are going to go door-to-door in your behalf. You have found a great employee. His name is Dave. He is friendly. He has a great smile. All you have to do now is tell him what to do when someone answers the door.

Do you tell him to make a connection, explain why you are different than every other real estate agent, ask for information about the person and their needs, collect phone numbers and home status creating leads for you, and then stress the importance of calling an agent as qualified as you are when it comes time for a sale or purchase?

Or does he just smile, shake their hand and walk away.

I am hoping for your sake that you chose option number one.

You may not realize it, but every marketing piece you have distributed is that assistant I was just describing (ok, maybe not the part about him being name Dave). Every business card, flier, website, and postcard does a job. Marketing pieces, like employees, don't come cheap. Are your pieces doing all they can to bring real improvements to your business? Do they walk your prospects through the steps that will bring them one step closer to being a commission for you?

Or are they just smiling, shaking someone's hand and walking away?


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